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Sabrina Stone

My College Degree And Me

1 – All Up To You 2 – My College Degree and Me 3 – You Picked Me 4 – Cats & IceCream 5 – I Sit Around 6 – Comfort 7 – Courting Myself 8 – [...]

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Summer Update!

I went to China and ate everything in sight! Now I’m back and I’m going to be performing again in NYC. Come join me in September! xo, S.

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The Bitter End: Wed. Feb 19th

Guys! I’m back!! The past year has involved an incredible amount of exploration (both of the world and of myself.) I did 10 countries!! (quite insane for a girl who’s afraid of planes.) I had lots of other projects going too – things I’m excited to share live. Quite a[...]

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Taking a break to eat a Kit-Kat bar

On hiatus to do a crazy amount of travel (including Belgium: chocolate!!!!!) Time to have more experiences to write about! All of my music stuff, so far, is still on iTunes under “Sabrina Stone” And if you want a copy of a cover song I’ve done, just let me know!  S.[...]

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Preview from the Upcoming Album “International Date Line”

Archipelago (The first preview from the new album)

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