Vienna, Austria

I’m an Official Writer for!

After being lucky enough to get 3 articles published on 3 different online sources, Hello Giggles asked me to be an official writer for them so I have a temporary home for my words now!

In September I wrote a dating advice column on . For my November birthday, made one of my articles their cover story and last month, October, published an article I didn’t even know was out! (It’s 3 pages about #BUNNIES, in case you were wondering) … Some problems are the best problems.

NYC + Boston + New Orleans

I’m like Carmen Sandiego. There are so many places to catch me.

Come to NYC on Tuesday, September 16th to see the 9pm Bitter End gig (147 Bleecker St.)

OR Cambridge on Friday, September 26th to see the 10pm Plough & The Stars gig (featuring Chip Green). You want us for 2 1/2 hours? You’ve got us.

OR New Orleans at Neutral Ground Coffeehouse the weekend of October 17/18th (exact date/time TBA)

They’re awesome venues in awesome cities. Collect ’em all.

xo, S.

The Bitter End: Wed. Feb 19th

Guys! I’m back!!
The past year has involved an incredible amount of exploration
(both of the world and of myself.)
I did 10 countries!!
(quite insane for a girl who’s afraid of planes.)
I had lots of other projects going too
— things I’m excited to share live.
Quite a lot can happen in a year.
Hope to see you at The Bitter End!
xo, Sabrina

Taking a break to eat a Kit-Kat bar

On hiatus to do a crazy amount of travel (including Belgium: chocolate!!!!!)
Time to have more experiences to write about!
All of my music stuff, so far, is still on iTunes under “Sabrina Stone”
And if you want a copy of a cover song I’ve done, just let me know!  S.

P.S. New photo shoot to be unveiled!

Cover Songs Upcoming Release

“The Living Room Sessions”, my 2011 project of arranging, recording & streaming a cover song of a different artist every month is going to see its reprise.

Those 12 songs by Radiohead, The Beatles, Black Keys, Ani DiFranco, The Carpenters, The Beach Boys, Tracy Bonham, are currently being added to, edited and mastered and will be available for download in their new form, some time in the bright, shiny future.

While you wait, here is the first recording from Jan ’11, recorded with guitarist/tinkerer extraordinaire Mike Himes, in my living room, of course:

 Optimistic (Radiohead Cover)