Hey y’all. I’m at SXSW! If you’re in Austin, come find me.

I’m here exploring the city and maaaaaaaybe even checking out a few bands, since, you know, they’re here.



Not gonna lie, I don’t entirely trust myself to blog. Blogging can be like publishing your journal on the internet… with less pictures of boys… or more pictures of boys (depending upon whether or not you blog for Buzzfeed.) Submitting articles for publication is different. It’s a process. You have an idea, write a pitch, send it to an online magazine, wait for a really long time, get no response, rewrite your pitch, send it again with more exclamation points and palpably increased anxiety; eventually, you receive a request for a write-up on spec, suffer over your first draft, then a second, submit it, sign a bunch of contracts, and wait until it’s deemed ripe and suitable for publication. It’s exhausting but by the time it gets out there, it’s been stamped by several seals of approval and you don’t have to worry as much about what Steve will think. The situation is out of your hands. Blogging, that’s on you, entirely, on you. x, S.